MASSANTIAGO is an organization that promotes networking among professionals from the architecture industry by planning trips, site tours, workshops and conferences in Chile and abroad. 


OUR TEAM is made up of local architects, highly qualified to show you the best architecture present in the main urban nucleus of Chile. Our work is focused on delivering a graphic explanation of the main geographical, historical, political and economic factors that have contributed to the current international recognition of the Chilean Architecture. 

MASSANTIAGO is also a member of the Guiding Architects network (, a recognized international organization of associated architects, who offer professional tours in more than 47 big cities around the world.

OUR CUSTOMERS are mainly composed by groups of  architects, architecture studios, architecture associations, companies, diplomats, investors and universities, as well as groups of people simply interested in discovering the secrets of Santiago and its architecture.









Diego Baloian 


Director and Founder











Juan Pablo Violic 
















Ignacia Paris 

Visual Artist

Production of Events












Jonas Hess












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